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Exterior Demolition Experts

Exterior Demolition Done Right

Carolina Demolition Experts in basic exterior demolition services and provides demolition on a range of materials and surface types throughout Eastern Carolina and Western Carolina. Are you looking to tackle an exterior demolition project?

Concrete Demolition Services

Do you need help with a concrete demolition project? We are here to provide concrete demolition services on a range of exterior surfaces including driveways, walkways, stairs, patios, and more.

Driveway Demolition Services

Carolina Demolition Experts has extensive experience for demolishing driveways made of concrete, asphalt, cobblestones, and other materials. Our team can quickly demolish the old material, clear it away, and haul the waste for dumping, leaving you ready for the next stage of your project.

Garage Demolition & Rip Out Services

Looking to update or fully demolish a garage? Carolina Demolition Experts can help you keep your project on-time and on-budget with our fast and affordable garage demolition services.

Stairway Demolition Services

Do you need demolishing an old staircase? Carolina Demolition Experts is always here to help you for demolition of old stairs, remove all the waste and make sure your worksite clean and ready for the next stage of work.

Walkway Demolition Services

Do you need to remove an old and unsafe walkway or sidewalk? Don’t wait for an accident, Carolina Demolition Experts help you demolish your old walkway and prepare for the next phase of your project.

Carolina Demolition Experts provides Eastern Carolina and Western Carolina with cost effective and reliable demolition and waste removal services. We also offer specific packages for both demolition services and waste removal services. We specialize as a cost effective solution for basic interior and exterior demolition which includes home removal tear outs, pre- & post-construction waste removal, lawn and yard cleanups, garbage removal, dumpster filling, and dumpster rental services. Carolina Demolition Experts is fully licensed and our crews and equipment are fully insured.

At Carolina Demolition Experts, we provide free estimates and our pricing is extremely competitive. Ask us about our Price Match Guarantee.

  • WHAT WE WILL DEMOLISH: Basic Demolition, Single or Double Wide Trailers, Small Outbuildings, Sheds, Barns, Hot Tubs, Yard Waste, Construction Waste, Basic Cleanup, Garbage Removal, Dumpster Filling, Dumpster Rentals.
  • WHAT WE WILL NOT DEMOLISH: Brick Building Demolition, Wrecking Ball Demolition, Landscape Excavation, Hazardous Waste Removal.

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